Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday Field Trip

We had a fun field trip with friends (how do you like that alliteration?)  We went to the mill and learned how they mill the flour.  Of course the adults were way more fascinated than the children, but I remember things being that way when I was young.  I figure, as long as I am being passionate about something then they will learn that passion and one day be fascinated by things their kids are less than interested in.  We had lunch, which was practice in patience on my part.  Then we headed down the road a bit to the park’s visitor center. 
                                          (AJ peeking at the water wheel through the window)

The visitor center was beautiful.  I didn’t really know what they would have since I have been in some visitor centers that are basically cabins, but this was more than I hoped for.  They had a wonderful learning center with all the animals of the region represented and a ‘Please Touch’ table with bones and hides and all kinds of interesting animal/plant items.  They also had a ‘play area’ with books, blocks, puzzles and other toys.  The boys got to practice using some real binoculars too.  Then we attended a snake talk.  H was pretty interested/involved (considering it was his first time in a ‘class’ setting), but did not want to touch the snake.  I had to keep AJ entertained by taking him out, but when the lady pulled that snake out to touch, he was all ready and excited to go up there and touch it.  This is definitely a place worth visiting again and next time I will take more pictures.

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