Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well, it was a ‘momentous’ day in our house today.  Little AJ has been wanting a haircut; I started asking him because his bangs were growing over his eyes.  So, we decided to give him his first haircut and low and behold H wanted to cut his hair too!  H’s last haircut (a buzz) was in May of 2011, about 14 months ago.  He said, “I’ll cut my hair on my birthday.” (October).  The birthday rolled around and he said, “I’ll cut my hair on my next birthday.”  Okay….so it grew and it grew and it became such a part of him and his personality.  We (Daddy and I) became attached to it, we stopped asking because we didn’t really want him to cut it.  Somewhere in there it became not about his hair, but about honoring him. 
We were honoring his choice to have his hair how he wanted it and to decide on his own when he wanted to change it.  It gave us a chance to respect him and his growing personality.  About three months ago he started to get called she or her occassionally, but he didn’t really seem to notice and we didn’t point it out.  Daddy even had a little conversation while helping a little boy about 3 at the park because the little boy was sure he was a girl, but Daddy Mro assured him that he was in fact a boy with long hair (H was on the other side of the playground).  I will admit I was proud to have a son who pushed the gender stereotypes (ever so slightly).  Anyway, it might not seem like a big deal, but it was special to us. 

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                                            Day before haircuts
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