Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Kitty!

We have a new family member!  The animal shelter was giving away free kitties this past week and we just had to go and get one.  H has been wanting a kitty for some time now.  We had one about 6 months ago that disappeared (I think he was taken) and was an awesome cat.  He was with us for about a month or two, so H got a taste of having a kitty and taking care of it.  I think H is much more of a cat person (like me) than a dog person.  AJ on the other hand is a dog person, but he is also very fond of animals in general.  So we talked about what our new kitty would really need like food, litter box (he is already trained), treats, a couple little toys, etc.  then we headed to the pet store, where we also purchased treats and a bone for the dog so she wouldn’t feel left out.
I think having a pet is a valuable learning experience for a child.  They can learn responsibility and empathy, as well as learning about the specific type of animal they have.  H is 4 (almost 5) and his responsibilities will include cleaning the cat box daily, giving the cat food, and giving the cat water.  Having a cat was something he was very interested in and I hope both boys learn a lot from him.  As of right now, we have not named the cat. 

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