Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leprechauns and Spring, Part 2

We didn't get around to making the shamrock craft, but I saw a similar one with rainbows that could be done anytime.  We had some new older friends over and made play dough.  I was trying for this, but it didn't smell good at all.  I think I could have added more zest.  As always, it was a hit, I let them add glitter, which they loved.  We also tried this tissue bleeding, the only color that worked was purple and the boys weren't too interested in it, upon further review (actually reading the instructions instead of just looking at the pictures), apparently I was supposed to try this with fabric, not paper, LOL.  I had 2 kids doing the tissue bleeding and the other two doing marble painting, which I thought was awesome, but the kids quickly lost interest in.  We played Monopoly and Sorry, made some progress on our hole to the other side of the world, and found 2 garter snakes in the yard (half dead, unfortunately).  Fisher started sucking his thumb, Hudson can count by 10s and 5s, AJ can count to 10.  Read this http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/2013/03/lets-bring-holidays-down-notch.html?spref=fb and was reminded to chill out. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Leprechauns and Spring

This week at our house we will finish celebrating St. Patrick's Day and jump into Spring full force.  Our caterpillars have also arrived, so I have a few ideas to learn about them.

Leprechaun traps, leprechaun rocks, and Shamrocks
We were a little late to make our leprechaun trap (we did that Sunday night).  H was super interested, but dad kind of diverted it into making a squirrel trap.  So we ended up with 2 traps, both half effort.  But at least they were excited and doing something together.  Then they went to bed and the leprechaun left a note saying they would have to be more clever than that to catch him.  That naughty leprechaun also left green pee in the toilet and a pile of leprechaun rocks.  The boys spent the morning 'washing' their leprechaun rocks.  Later we plan to make these:

Caterpillars and butterflies
We checked out a bunch of books at the library.  I want to do this life cycle craft this week.  

Our home school friends are coming over this week to help us get our garden going.  We are going to be putting in some sunflowers along our fence and reading the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Its a busy week here and I am watching a couple extra kids for Spring Break...all boys!!!  Wish me luck!
I'll try to post an update at the end of the week and let you know how it all went, with pictures of course!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We're Baaaack!

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Oh, it's been so long.  I had almost given up on this whole blog thing...

But I like to write, I like to document all the fun stuff we do, I miss it.  So...to catch everyone up the past few months we: had a baby, celebrated Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's, King's Day, Candlemas, Valentine's, Suess Day, and took a trip to the aquarium (2 hours away...what was I thinking?!).  I am sure there was a bunch of other stuff in there too, we are busy people. We also switched to gluten-free and are working on giving up sugar. So while I would love to share all that catch up stuff, let me just post a few pics of the baby and jump in fresh from here, mmmkay.

Baby J
Birth story summary: Born December 7 at home (2VBAC), 13 days late, 1.5 hour labor.  Midwife arrived when his head was already out...LOL, she almost missed it. 9lbs 8oz.
 1 Week
 1 Month
 2 months
3 months

I am not sure if he is the sweetest baby yet or I just Love him so much because I am more experienced with how fast they grow. I'm just really enjoying him and being home with all my kids and daycare kiddos too!  I feel quite blessed lately to have so many wonderful friends, family, and kiddos in my life.